Skilya’s Strategy

Traditionally, people have thought of construction as a production process, with the finished facility serving as the final product. Contractors offer this goods and services in addition to it. The service environment, service delivery, and service product are all taken into consideration when examining construction. In the context of perceived quality and customer happiness, the concept of service interactions is investigated. Analysis of service quality factors considers their impact on perceived quality. The results of two studies on the factors influencing contractor selection and satisfaction are discussed, along with the relationship between the criteria consumers use to select providers and the elements that drive satisfaction. These include the contractor’s relationship with the client, project management abilities, safety record, and availability of trained/skilled workers. Workforce, and the cost of the work.

Presently,Skilya Construction Company is currently completely incorporated and has a permit to work in the state. We have all  the necessary approvals in place to effectively bid on

and carry out significant construction contracts.This is ecially true of the authorities, companies, and governments, of course.  Skilya’s goal is to establish a worlds class construction firm with a noticeable presence.

We offer services to all common people and professionals worldwide to help them ralise their dreams of building a worldsclass  structure that can compete on a global stage with the best in

the construction industry. At Skilya Construcltion Company, our mission and values are to help customers to understand the  construction work and provide them with servics according

to their needs .You can benefit from Skilya’s extensive building services. Steel Erection, which includes Heavy Rigging,  Metal Handling, Pre Engineered Building, Process and Power Piping, Structural and Miscellaneous Steel, and Sheet Metal Roofing,  is one of their core services.

Additionally, it offers interior finishing, which includes painting projects, finishing contractors,  marble and ceramic tiles, exterior decorating, gypsum and celling tiles, and special finishing.

Additionally, it provides you with roofing and insulation services, which also include spray polyurethane foam, epoxy floor coating, combined waterproofing system, waterproofing, and cementitious waterproofing. With skilled civil engineers and architects, Skilya Group provides the State and surrounding territories  with the highest quality and most affordable construction services.

Have the building of your choice constructed at a fair price using simply labour or manpower  and  material under the direction of specialists, analysts, and contractors.

All maps, 3D designs, and exterior and interior design work are approved in a satisfactory manner.

Skilya counts its customers a first priority. Customer satisfaction is the key aim of Skilya because we work for to please them and make them with our work. Skilya always welcome it’s customers in order to facilitate them. Moreover, Skilya has it website you my go through it in case of any query and confusion.

About Skilya

Skilya is a forward-thinking company established in 2016 working in the
contracting sector and installing industrial machinery and equipment.
Skilya has two headquarters in Al-Khobar city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in Al-Hidd region in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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