Combo Waterproofing System


Combo Waterproofing System

Combo Roof system by Skilya is a guaranteed solution for your roof!

The Combo Roof system is an all-inclusive roofing solution that offers waterproofing, thermal insulation, and finishing options for the roof. This one-of-a-kind technique is a technologically sophisticated method of healing quickly. When it comes to waterproofing, it is not only the effectiveness of individual products or combinations of products known as combo roof applications that count. The submission of the application is of the highest significance.

The Application Process for the Combo Roof and Site Preparation

After the roof slab has been cast and allowed to fully cure, an engineer from Skilya will go to the job site to assess the roof and determine whether or not it is ready for waterproofing and heat insulation work. A preliminary site assessment has to be done, and any further preparatory work that could be needed needs to be brought to the notice of the primary contractor.

PU Application

After the cleaning is finished, the spray application of the first step will begin. This step involves spraying a mixture of Polyol and MDI over the roof slab and up stands using Gusmer’s combo equipment. The spray-applied foam, which is in a liquid form when it strikes the slab, is subjected to a high pressure that causes it to enter every crack and pinhole that is present on the slab.

Within a minute, it freezes and swells to thirty times its original volume, effectively completely sealing the substrate. All of the pores and crevices that are present in the roof slab are sealed up by the foam. It forms a layer of impermeable waterproofing and insulation with high thermal resistance.

UV Protection

After the application of polyurethane foam has been finished, a coating made of POLY TEX acrylic liquid UV protection should be put over the whole surface of the foam to shield it from the sun’s rays until the water test process has been finished.

Flood Simulation

Once the acrylic UV coating has completely dried (after a minimum of 24 hours), our engineer will visit the site to inspect the works that have been completed and give clearance for the flood test (after a minimum of 24 hours). After the flood test has been successfully completed, a test report will be prepared and kept for records.

Installation of Paneling

Our crew will do the paneling work using POLYBOARD expansion joint filler board and pre-mixed cementitious adhesive mortar to attain the desired slope levels prior to the beginning of screeding works.

Once the flood test has been successfully completed, the water will be removed, and a POLYFAB geo-textile membrane will be laid as a protection layer over the entire roof area. The screed will be completed by hand by our skilled workers, and then it will be cured in accordance with the techniques that are typically followed. Plasticizers and microfibers are included in the screed so that it does not fracture.


The application of the bonding agent to the corners of size 100 mm x 100 mm is followed by the completion of angle fillets. Once the screed has completely cured, all construction joints must be opened and treated with heavy-strength Polyurethane sealant and backing rod to allow for movement of the concrete during expansion and contraction. This must be done before the screed can be considered fully cured.


The acrylic cementitious coating is to be placed over the whole screed, including the upstands, in order to generate a homogeneous coating with a maximum thickness of one thousand microns after the sealant that was applied has been fully set. Combo Waterproofing System by Skilya gives the roof a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out now!


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