What is Lifting & Rigging?

Rigging and lifting are frequently involved in heavy machinery operations and activities. Rigging is the machinery used on construction sites to help raise massive objects. Rigging tools like wire rope, turnbuckles, clevises, and jacks are regularly employed on construction sites. Cranes and other lifting apparatus can be used in combination with these tools. In most construction projects, rigging is utilized to move and position objects.

Boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and several kinds of man-lifts and aerial lifts are among the tools used to transport people or objects around a construction site. Lifts are devices that feature an aerial platform supported by an extension mounted on a vehicle and are used to elevate objects or people.

Safety Requirements for Lifting & Rigging

It’s crucial to understand that not every rigging equipment can be used for overhead lifting. For instance, Skilya’s rigging gear used for lashing, towing, and load security may not be appropriate for vertical lifting, which involves much higher pressures and necessitates more robust gear and more significant safety margins.

Make sure the lifting rigging equipment you choose is rated for overhead lifting. In addition to various rigging scenarios, G.L. Huyett supplies a comprehensive range of rigging tools for lifting, lashing, and securing weights. Which equipment is suited for vertical lifting applications is made apparent on our website and catalog.

Types of Rigging

The rigging required for the work is often determined by the things that need to be transported. There are many different kinds of rigging, but these are the ones that are most frequently used:

  • Rigging Hooks
  • Blocks and Pulleys
  • Eye bolts for shackles
  • Steel nuts
  • Accessories and Wire Ropes
  • Synthetic Lifting Slings

When moving things too big or heavy to be handled safely, hoists may also be employed.

Application of Lifting & Rigging

Rigging goes unseen in many heavy-duty industries, including infrastructure, engineering, and construction. Using cranes, pulleys, webbing slings, wire rope slings, and winches involves safely hoisting, lifting, pushing, or dragging heavy objects. For instance, they are used in the construction sector to carry large goods like structural steel, concrete or steel pipes, building materials, tools, and even automobiles.

Many large-scale building projects require rigging as a crucial component. Moving heavy items securely while simultaneously making time and money savings is the primary goal of Skilya’s rigging systems. Failure can occur with even the tiniest fault, leading to a drop in production.

Skilya’s Lifting & Rigging Services

Heavy lifting and rigging work was the foundation of Skilya. Any size component may be removed and installed by us; this includes anything from tiny, independent pieces to huge, multi-machine line-ups. These rigging projects frequently include intricate difficulties crammed into a constrained timetable. With our sophisticated rigging tools and highly competent riggers, Skilya can safely execute even the most challenging assignments with the least disruption to your business activities. We are your go-to team for rigging and heavy lifting. The services Skilya offers are listed below:

  • Engineered Rigging Plans
  • Forklifts
  • Tri-Lifters
  • Versa-Lifts
  • Carry Decks
  • Skating Systems
  • Hydraulic Slide Systems
  • Hydraulic Jacking Systems
  • Various Lift Platforms
  • Lifting Beams and Frames
  • Qualified and Certified Riggers
  • Machine Moving
  • Equipment Installation
  • Millwright Services
  • Load Testing
  • Fabrication Services
  • Rigging Equipment Rental
  • Operated Crane Service
  • Engineered Crane Layouts
  • Overhead Crane Installation

Worried about your project involving lifting & rigging? Skilya has got your back! We have skilled engineers available to help you with your large-scale projects. Let’s discuss your project in detail. Give us a call at +966 54 747 7977

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