Passive Fire Protection


Passive Fire Protection

Skilya Offers An Easy Solution to Passive Fire Protection

Systems of passive fire protection are often integrated into the core of the building and may even be an integral component of the construction.

On the other hand, numerous active systems may be added to a structure after it has been constructed, and these additions do not physically affect the building’s ability to maintain its structural integrity.

In order to guarantee that they are in proper operating condition, active fire prevention systems often need to undergo regular system maintenance and inspection.

Skilya is an industry-leading passive fire protection company that offers a wide variety of services, including fire stopping and penetration sealing. Our fireproofing experts collaborate with customers to develop a comprehensive fire safety plan that helps them meet codes, preserve property, and save lives.

Experts in Preventing and Extinguishing Fires

Skilya offers a variety of passive fire protection services, including fire stopping. This entails checking the fireproofing of individual rooms, connections, pipes, and ducts throughout the structure.

We pay meticulous attention to detail, making use of our extensive understanding of code requirements for buildings.

Our extensive background in building means that we also take into account fundamental features like acoustic ratings and thermal qualities as part of a reliable passive fire prevention system.

We guarantee the proper installation of vital structural components, giving our customers peace of mind that they are adopting appropriate fire prevention solutions.

Experts in Space Division and Control in Buildings

For fire prevention purposes, compartmentalization is essential. For the safety of both business and residential tenants, our staff routinely performs compartmentation assessments. We inspect several different parts of the building for compliance with fire codes, including the walls, roof, and cavity barriers. See our constructing compartments page for further information.

Finding Out About Compliant Penetration Sealing Systems

Basic utilities like power, plumbing, and internet access are often provided by a wide variety of outside contractors on large building sites. Team members will cut service penetrations in the building’s walls, floors, and ceilings to allow for the installation of these services.

Wires, pipes, and ventilation ducts will need to be run through the walls and floors of the individual compartments as part of this process.

Service penetrations might generate gaps or holes, therefore it’s crucial to patch them up with an acrylic sealer. Even a little air loss may allow smoke to spread, putting the whole compartmentalization system at risk.

Penetration seals are a key component of our comprehensive fire-stopping approach, which we utilize to fortify structural components and limit fire damage throughout the structure.

Knowledge and Capability

Skilya is a company that takes great pleasure in both its technical knowledge and its capacity to handle large commercial projects. In order to better meet the requirements of each customer, we want to have their input as early in the process as feasible.

Because of this, we are able to recommend reasonable schedules, choose reliable materials, and provide passive fire prevention systems that are unmatched in the industry on time and under budget to ensure that your building meets all applicable codes.

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