Metal Roof Water Proofing


Metal Roof Water Proofing

Skilya – The Metal Roof Water Proofing Experts

Metal roofing may be found on the vast majority of industrial structures and warehouses. J bolts and nuts are used to secure these roof sheets in place. The gaps in these joints eventually become more pronounced, and the joints themselves rust with time. These enlarged pores will eventually cause water to escape through them.

Additionally, the connections between these sheets are very vulnerable to the seepage of water. Even if sealants of any kind were used in conjunction with the bolts, they will be removed in a very short amount of time.

Skilya offers a solution that is foolproof and completely effective for addressing this issue. Spray-applied polyurethane is used to provide a waterproofing coating that is seamless and totally bonded, in addition to providing thermal insulation that covers the whole of the sheet roofing. This foam completely seals all of the joints as well as the bolt holes.

After that, an acrylic coating that is resistant to UV rays is applied on top of the polyurethane foam. This step contributes to the foam’s extended lifespan. The system that we install comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers 10 years and is provided by our company.

How Does it Work?

In order to prepare for the application of a non-woven polyester waterproofing membrane impregnated with 100% pure acrylic over cross laps, overlaps, bolt-heads, and pipe-penetrations, the metal corrugated, Kliplock, or IBR profile roof is cleaned, rust is removed, and the surface is primed.

The roof will then be coated with the membrane. After being impregnated, the membrane may have a UV-stabilized industry-grade waterproof coating sprayed on it utilizing high-pressure airless spraying equipment. This coating should be of industrial quality.

This waterproof coat not only provides an aesthetically beautiful finish but also guarantees that the surface is completely watertight and rust-resistant.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% waterproof hermetic seal
  • Outstanding ability to adhere to the concrete profile
  • Finish that is aesthetically pleasant
  • Invulnerable to rot and mold
  • Resistant to acid and alkali
  • Puncture resistant
  • Life expectancy greater than 25 years

Our Processes

Waterproofing and Insulating Against Heat and Cold

Skilya is able to supply spray-applied polyurethane foam solutions for such sheet roofs in order to give seamless waterproofing and thermal insulation. Before the application, the roof has to be thoroughly cleaned with compressed air in order to provide the greatest possible bonding of the seamless system.

The Skilya application team sprays polyurethane foam spray on sheets to ensure seamless and fully bonded waterproofing and thermal insulation. This is done after the roof has been cleaned of dust and any other substances that may cause separation.

The spray method allows for the complete covering and sealing of all joints and bolts holes. It is possible to modify the thickness of the polyurethane foam in order to acquire the desired thermal conductivity values.


Covering the polyurethane foam with an acrylic coating that is resistant to UV rays is required in order to maintain the seamless waterproofing and thermal insulation provided by the foam. This coating is an extra layer of waterproofing that guards against damage and extends the foam’s life cycle.

Roofs that are covered with metal sheets benefit from the long-lasting and dependable waterproofing and thermal insulation that this system build-up provides.

Our service experts at Skilya ensure that waterproofing will prevent water leakage and heat damage to the structure that has a metal roof, which will ultimately result in the building having a longer lifespan.

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