Building assessment


Building assessment

A Building Condition Assessment (BCA) or Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is a detailed assessment of the health of a commercial building’s infrastructure. While it has some similarities with a standard house inspection, commercial building inspections are more comprehensive and involved owing to the specific needs and design of businesses.

These include the following:

  • Walls, floors, roofs, windows, and doors are all examples of structural elements.
  • Infrastructures like heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and electrical systems
  • Structures and fittings inside the building’s interior
  • Parts visible from the outside, such as fittings and adornments

At Skilya, we then provide a report based on the findings of the inspection, which includes:

  • A quick rundown of the various structural elements
  • Detection of any defects or problems with that part

When is a Building Assessment Necessary?

Getting final clearance on a commercial property loan is usually required by banks. The results of the evaluation might be used as a starting point for negotiations between the bank and the owner over the purchase price.

Whenever the BCA finds major flaws, the loan application may be denied or the buyer may decide to pull out of the deal. Even though a BCA is crucial before making a purchase, it is not the only time you would want to consider getting one.

The information gained from a Building Assessment may also be helpful when:

  • Making a decision on a building’s future use — renovation, sale, or demolition
  • Spreading available resources out over a vast number of properties
  • Planning preventative measures for property damage and upkeep
  • Evaluating the worth of what you possess
  • Expense planning and budgeting for upkeep

In order to prevent any unexpected costly repairs over the facility’s usable life, many of our customers plan on having Building Assessments performed at regular intervals. This helps companies financially since they are able to plan ahead for the expenditures associated with normal maintenance.

Why Choose Skilya

  • Ability to quickly get on location and get things rolling. This may be aided by having a local or regional office in close proximity to the property, as well as a proven record of swift responses and the capacity to rapidly deploy resources.
  • Capacity to deliver reliable pricing information. A business having a construction consulting section and access to real-time costing data will give considerably more precise estimates than an online construction cost calculator and a graphic.
  • Knowledge and skill in many different areas. To be successful as a PCA, you need to have a comprehensive knowledge of all building systems, including structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components. A more precise and complete evaluation may be obtained from a service provider that employs specialists in a wide variety of engineering and building fields.
  • Consistently successful past performance. A PCA from a company that has conducted hundreds or thousands of them will be more efficient and accurate than one from a firm that hasn’t.

Building Condition Assessments, Facility Condition Assessments, and Property Condition Assessments are all services that Skilya has been offering for many years now. Please consider us for your next venture!

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