What is Industrial crane installation?

Another lifting tool is used to attach the overhead crane to the gantry during installation. The lifting apparatus selected for this task is determined by the crane’s weight, the site’s accessibility, and the height clearance.

The following are typical techniques for mounting the crane onto the gantry:

  • Forklift trucks
  • mobile cranes
  • Genie lifts
  • HIAB

The overhead crane will be wired in, tested, and then, with the aid of test weights, the overload configuration will be made, and certifications will be provided to certify it safe for use. This will happen after it has been securely carried to the job site and mounted onto the gantry.

How long does installing a crane take?

To ensure everything goes successfully on installation day, it is necessary to prepare ahead for your overhead crane installation. Your overhead crane installation might take days between 3 and 5, depending on the crane type and your facilities.

Which crane to choose?

Contact a skilled structural engineer at Skilya to determine if your facility’s support structure can support the overhead crane you wish to purchase. Ensure you get a crane that will function for your company’s expanding needs and future initiatives rather than one that will be useful for present tasks.

The various overhead cranes that Skilya offers come with a variety of benefits. Each type of crane, including workstation bridge, jib, and gantry cranes, may provide a flexible and affordable solution for your lifting and loading demands. Additionally, Skilya can design a particular crane solution to meet your projects and workplace demands.

Inspection of cranes

All operating cranes must undergo an annual inspection, according to safety regulators. Use on a daily or weekly basis wears down crucial crane parts. This wear can result in a breakdown or, worse still, a risk to you, your team, or your business. Regular inspections can aid in spotting possible issues and addressing them prior to an expensive or irreparable occurrence. Skilya is there to assist you regarding your crane inspection.

Skilya’s Crane Installation Services

Skilya can set up and maintain a variety of cranes. These crane varieties include monorail cranes with clear spans that are overhead, free-standing, pedestal cranes with jibs, woodyard cranes, and cranes with jibs. Our project portfolio comprises a variety of crane configurations, and we have been performing this work for more than ten years. You may depend on us to install industrial cranes. Services Skilya offers are mentioned below:

  • Supporting Steel
  • Runway Steel
  • Crane Rails
  • Crane Girders (Idle & Drivers)
  • End Trucks
  • Hoist & Trolley
  • Conductor Brackets
  • Install Conductor Bar
  • Maintenance Support
  • Thermit Welding
  • Crane Removal/ Relocation
  • Crane Rails Alignment & Upgrades
  • Conductor Bar Upgrades
  • Field/ Shop Fabrications
  • AWS Certified Welders
  • End Truck Removal & Replacement
  • Load Testing
  • Provide Test Weights

Concerned about your lifting and rigging project? You’ve got Skilya’s back! We have a group of competent specialists who can help you with your major products. Let’s talk in-depth about your project. Call us at +966 54 747 7977.

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