Industrial Painting: What makes it different from Regular Paint?


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Some companies may be looking for a way to differentiate themselves in the market by stepping up their game, in the aesthetics of the look of their building. A common way to do this is to paint the interior of the building in a stair-step style which can give your company a more industrial look. Industrial painting offers a lot to companies in how it can bring a more stylish look to your company.

Industrial painting is a process developed to produce durable coatings for industrial surfaces. It’s also used in other fields such as the oil, gas, power generation and oil refining industries.

Essentially, this process incorporates a variety of painting techniques that ensure a more durable and protective coating is applied, compared to regular paint. This blog will provide a comparative discussion on the difference between industrial painting and regular paint.

What is Industrial Painting?

Industrial painting on a large scale covers all types of industrial painting, including interior painting in a building. The goal of industrial painting is to make a company’s building look like a brand new building.

Furthermore, industrial painting use of more durable, long-lasting coatings for the protection of the building material. The durable coatings are more resistant to abrasion, corrosion, dust, and other environmental factors.

What is regular or commercial painting?

Regular or commercial painting is a type of painting done on a job site – usually a home and in a commercial building, usually by an artist. The term “commercial painting” is sometimes used to describe painting done outside of the home. The process of regularly painting a residential or commercial property is defined by the owner’s specifications.

The big difference of Industrial Painting

Industrial painting services are usually used in industrial buildings and facilities. It is a kind of paint that is used at an industrial level performed by professional industrial painting contractors. Industrial painting is a top-notch service that really does the job. It is not only a service that customers rave about, but it is also one of the best option for your building that can really last for many years.

Furthermore, one way to prevent leaks and give a building a more professional look is by sealing the building with a coat of industrial painting. The paint is applied in layers and is not allowed to dry before the next layer is applied. That way, the paint doesn’t crack or peel. Industrial Painting also creates a protective barrier against the elements.

Final thoughts

Industrial painting is indeed made to withstand heavy industrial use and dirt. It will remain looking nice, but not getting all smudged up or ruined by oil, dirt, and grime.

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