Industrial Painting


Industrial Painting

Proficient and thorough industrial painting services for all buildings and infrastructure by Skilya

Industrial Painting and Restoration Contractor Skilya helps make the world a better place by sprucing up infrastructure. Tanks, stacks, water towers, and other buildings are sandblasted and painted by us.

Having worked in both the commercial and industrial sectors, our field staff is well-versed in applying a wide range of protective coatings and linings. The concrete coating department at our company repairs and overlays old concrete floors.

Skilya provides a wide variety of building restoration services, such as brick and block replacement, tuck-pointing, concrete repair, and painting.

You may have faith in Skilya’s capacity to complete the project because of our dedication to quality and respect for your timetable.

In-depth meetings between you and our sales professionals help us define the precise nature of the services you’ll need. Your project’s scope will be detailed in a proposal that will include the specific tasks that need to be completed in addition to the recommended materials, labor cost, timeline, and guarantee.

Skilya places a premium on client happiness, and it goes for more than simply our sales team. A project’s Job Leader is the person in charge of everything from initial planning to final clean-up. When a task is finished, the Job Leader signs off on it, serving as a personal assurance that it was done to standards.

Our Services at Skilya

Here are just a few examples of the many commercial and industrial spaces we’ve painted:

  • Infrastructures for producing goods
  • Factory and warehouse metal deck ceilings
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Tools, machines injection molders, stamping presses
  • Coatings for Concrete Floors
  • Metal walls and roofs
  • Buildings covered with metal or steel
  • Lines and markings on the floors of storage tanks and silos
  • Safer sidewalks for pedestrians
  • Cranes, bridges, and other steel constructions
  • Refineries and factories that process chemicals
  • High-temperature stacks, smokestacks, etc.
  • Water purification and waste water treatment facilities
  • Auxiliary tanks for containment

Tools and Techniques at Skilya

The success and durability of our projects depend on thorough surface preparation. It is determined which procedures, such as hot/ cold power washing, pressure washing, steam cleaning, sand blasting, abrasion, dry ice blasting, chemical treatments, and shot-blasting for concrete floors, are necessary for the surface in question.

Our work areas are always kept clean and in order, and we take special care to safeguard the surfaces around us.

When it comes to high-performance coatings, Induspray is the company to trust for mass-production spray painting. In the case of 3D surfaces and restricted access, spray painting is unparalleled in terms of speed, efficiency, and coverage quality.

When traditional brush and roller methods are preferred or more efficient, they are used.

When it comes to industrial painting, we’re experts in a wide variety of settings, from high-rise exteriors to restricted-access interiors. Our teams can securely and efficiently reach any part of your business using a variety of aerial-lift platforms.

Materials & Paint

For the best possible return on investment, we use a broad variety of high-quality industrial-grade paints and materials.

Our primary goal is to help you save both time and money by giving you a number of different coating system options to choose from and the knowledge you need to choose wisely. In order to guarantee that all of our projects are finished on time, within budget, and to the highest standards, we employ a team of seasoned project managers to oversee their execution.

We take pride in our ability to operate in inhabited and operational buildings, as well as during specific time frame periods such as planned shutdowns, all while causing as little disturbance as possible to your company and tenants.

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About Skilya

Established in October 2016 – Skilya W.L.L Company is one of the companies working in the contracting sector and installing industrial machinery and equipmen

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