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Shotcrete Works

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Shotcrete is a kind of high-performance concrete or mortar that is supplied by a hose and pneumatically projected at high speed onto a backing surface. Because of the force exerted by the spraying operation, the concrete or mortar is compacted. Hence, it results in the desired layer thickness of concrete.

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It has been shown that shotcreting is the most effective approach for building curved surfaces. Shotcrete technology has made it simpler to build tunnel linings and domes. As a result of its many practical advantages—including its adaptability to a wide variety of forms, high strength, durability, and bonding ability—it has quickly become an indispensable material.

When a surface has been pierced, shotcrete is often used to prevent further damage or to stabilize it after it has been damaged by things like erosion or flaws. It may be used for a variety of purposes, from protecting slopes and surfaces to updating older buildings.

Why Choose Shotcrete?

Shotcrete should be chosen for a given application after extensive research into the necessary and possible material performance characteristics has been conducted by an informed and experienced professional.

In order for the shotcrete to be effective in that setting, careful preparation and oversight, in addition to the expertise and constant monitoring of the shotcrete applicator, are required.


Damaged concrete, wood, or steel surfaces may be patched using shotcrete as long as the area can be reached.


Although shotcrete restoration has proven useful for restoring bridge decks, it is usually too expensive for more extensive full-thickness work.

However, from a technical and financial aspect, it is very helpful for repairing beams of varying depths, caps, columns, abutments, wing walls, and beneath decks.


Shotcrete is widely utilized in the building repair industry for fixing fire and earthquake damage, reinforcing walls, and encasing structural steel for fireproofing.

When a building has been damaged by an earthquake, it often requires the replacement or repair of structural components such as beams, columns, and connections.

Physical Features of Marine Environments

Degradation of the concrete and the reinforcing may cause damage to maritime constructions. Physical abrasion from the movement of waves, sand, gravel, and floating ice, chemical assault owing to sulfates, and corrosion of the steel are all damaging circumstances.

Bridge decks, piles, pile tops, beams, piers, navigation locks, guide walls, dams, powerhouses, and discharge tunnels are only some of the maritime constructions that are susceptible to these issues.

A shotcrete is often a viable option for restoring these buildings’ once-pristine facades.

Containment ridges

When surfaces are exposed to flows moving at high velocities, they risk being eroded by cavitation erosion and abrasion erosion. Shotcrete repairs provide benefits due to the low downtime required to execute the work.

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