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At Skilya Blasting and Coating, our goal is to give our clients with the very finest quality. We have Automated Blast Lines that have been modernized, and our shops have recently been remodeled so that they can handle material more effectively. In addition to having a building that has been improved, we also have a huge group of skilled staff that has been blasting and painting for more than 10 years. Because of this, we are able to successfully accomplish every task that comes our way.

Blast Cleaning

Many of our blasting services, such as those for brick or stone, may be conducted at the site of the surface for convenience. On the other hand, many of our more diminutive components, such as oak beams and motorcycles, can be blasted in our specialized in-house facility. We make use of a wide range of abrasives, such as Australian garnet, copper slag, aluminum oxide, stone grit, recycled glass, and glass beads, in order to obtain the particular polish that is desired.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a technique for product finishing that is less harmful to the environment. Our powder coating services surpass numerous national environmental protection regulations.As a result, they reduce waste and the presence of volatile organic compounds while remaining robust and long-lasting. This innovative method of coating may be used in lieu of traditional methods of liquid painting and curing. As a consequence, the potentially harmful effects of volatile organic compounds on the environment are mitigated, while the quality of the finished product is not compromised.

Protective Coating

Coatings of protective and resistant liquid metal substances may be the key to preventing corrosion and guaranteeing long-term durability. This is perfect for surfaces that are routinely subjected to extreme weather conditions or high temperatures. Increased conductivity, higher friction qualities, and enhanced ornamental finishes are some of the other advantages that come from using this treatment.

Skilya Blasting and Coating Services

Paint Removal

The removal of ornamental finishes, which are particularly used in the process of restoring historic homes.

Exterior Cleaning

The removal of algae and other stains from surfaces that are exposed to environmental pollutants.

Wood Cleaning

The method of cleaning wood uses low pressure and fine media in order to avoid damaging adjacent surfaces while yet achieving a thorough clean.

Marine Blasting

A method that uses dry abrasive particles to remove fouling and protect timber surfaces from future deterioration.

Glass Bead Blasting

In order to maintain beautiful finishes, the use of glass round beads as the actual abrasive is recommended.

Powder Coating

The technique of fusing dried and powdered paint that has been charged electrically with a metal surface before the paint hardens.

Intumescent Coating

A paint layer that, when exposed to temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius, expands and provides protection for the surfaces underneath it.

Shot Blasting

The use of a centrifugal mechanism throws shots at the substrate at high speeds in order to remove impurities.

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Established in October 2016 – Skilya W.L.L Company is one of the companies working in the contracting sector and installing industrial machinery and equipmen

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