Installing Marble & Ceramic Tiles


There is no doubting the fact that marble tiles are very special and unique. For instance, despite their classic nature, they are also very sophisticated. Each time these are installed in a room, they always appear gorgeous. Apart from being able to reflect lights, it also plays the role of an insulator. Furthermore, it can be used in any room. This means it is known for being highly versatile and flexible.

Having said all of the above, there is something you must understand. This is the fact that experiencing these benefits depends on one major factor – Whether such ceramic tiles have been installed by a professional. Anything short of this could mean disaster. The major aim of this article is to reveal some of the most powerful ideas our experts at Skilya adopt while trying to install marble tiles in Dubai. These are responsible for the success we have achieved over the years. Check them out below.

Understanding Your Marble

This is one area where Skilya has managed to become one of the best in Dubai when it comes to successful marble installation. We understand that the demand or requirements for every job is unique. Therefore, it isn’t a case of one-size-fits-all. This is why our trained experts try to understand marbles before going ahead with the installation process.

There are different types of marbles in Dubai like cream marble, green marble, calcutta marble, red marble, grey marble, blue marble and many more. These tend to vary in terms of features and functionalities. We will make the best recommendations about which marble to purchase. Our experts have vast knowledge about fissures.

Planning The Design

Even if you have purchased the best marble and ceramic tiles, such is not a guarantee that you will get value for money after the installation. The only way this can happen is when you have planned out the design process properly. Please note that doing this on top of your head isn’t good enough.

For every installation process, our experts will ensure there is proper planning. This helps to give them a clear picture of how your room or space will look like after the installation has been completed. Planning also helps them to be creative since ideas will be tweaked over and over again to meet your expectations.

Double Checking the Design

Even with the materials as well as design being available, something can still go wrong. This is why at Skilya, we do not just affix tiles straightaway. In this process, utmost caution is exercised to ensure everything is going according to plan. Our goal is to try as much as possible to bring the design into reality.

The process of tile installation is quite complicated and technical. You could end up breaking such tiles thus, spending more than necessary for a simple project that would have cost less. There is also the danger of doing a shoddy work since you are not a professional. To avoid all of these nightmares, To avoid all of these nightmares choosing Skilya will always be your best decision.

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