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Gypsum Ceiling Tiles

If your Project has high ceilings, you might be unsure of what to do with them. After all, not many options work well with high ceilings. However, if you are considering using gypsum ceiling tiles to add style and character to your home’s ceilings, then you will want to read this article. If you install gypsum ceiling tiles in one or more of the rooms in your house, it will add visual appeal and character to that space. You can select from several different types of designs when choosing these tiles for your home. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of adding gypsum ceiling tiles to your home. A few benefits of installing gypsum ceiling tiles are mentioned below:

Installation Simplicity

For a number of reasons, installing gypsum board building systems is simple. First, gypsum board panels are relatively large compared to other materials. Since they are available in sheets 4 feet wide and lengths of 8, 10, or 12 feet, they quickly cover large wall and ceiling regions. Gypsum board assemblies must be constructed using a variety of tools. Gypsum board can be cut with a utility knife or a variety of saws, and a variety of fasteners, including gypsum screws, can be used to attach it to wood or galvanized metal.

Fire Resistant

The superior building material for fire resistance is gypsum board. The interior finish is most frequently utilized in KSA when necessary for fire resistance classifications. As previously mentioned, its noncombustible core contains about 21% chemically mixed water, which slowly releases as steam when heated to a high temperature. Steam efficiently slows the transfer of heat and fire propagation because it will not heat up to 212 degrees F when exposed to normal air pressure. The Gypsum board continues to act as a heat-insulating barrier even after complete calcination when all the water has been extracted from its core.

Sound Insulation

It’s crucial to avoid the transmission of unwanted sound to nearby areas while designing a building, especially when considering the everyday activities of the people in the different parts of the building. In contrast to a structure with just office spaces, a building with office spaces next to industrial units typically requires extra noise-reducing components. Gypsum board ceiling and wall systems significantly lessen sound transmission.


Gypsum board is used to build durable, dimensionally stable walls and ceilings that are sturdy and of the highest quality. In addition, gypsum board surfaces are simple to repair and embellish.

Low Cost

This is a common choice for many people due to the cost. It’s a cheap building material that works well to construct homes swiftly. Those seeking affordable ways to cut their spending would benefit from such speed and reasonable cost. Compared to other products, it is a decent fire-resistant wall surface and ceiling covering material that is competitively priced. This technique is more desirable because the overall cost of labor and installation for the entire construction system is relatively inexpensive.

Versatile Designs

Gypsum boards are chosen over other surfacing goods due to their fundamental attributes, which include performance, availability, ease of application, ease of repair, and variety in aesthetic applications. In addition, due to its adaptability, the gypsum board may quickly meet various architectural requirements.

Skilya’s Expertise

You’ll be prepared to employ gypsum board for your upcoming building job now that you are an authority on the subject! Are you seeking restoration and repair services for residential and commercial properties? Skilya has a wealth of experience safeguarding properties and fending against the elements! No matter how big or little, we can handle any paneling project for a home or business

Redesign your space with economical gypsum ceiling work

Whether for a newly constructed workplace or residential property and restaurant, you will want the most attractive option that not only makes the place look pleasant but offer other advantages as well. Gypsum board partition and ceiling works are the new future loved by every builder and property owner due to its creative features and flexibility than any other material in the market. If you live in Dubai, you know how rapidly Gypsum Ceiling is being installed in hospitals, offices, hotels and all over USA .
Whatever may be your requirement in terms of Gypsum ceiling works, Greentech is the leading name in Dubai, offering gypsum board false ceiling installation at the most competitive cost that suits any budget.

Professional gypsum ceiling work

Greentech Technical Services is locally owned gypsum false ceiling contractors in Dubai offering all types of gypsum related services such as

Gypsum board works

Our engineers are experienced enough to perform a variety of Gypsum board also known as plasterboard or drywall for ensuring protective layer before any decoration or for partitioning.

Gypsum board ceiling works

Being the most important part of an interior, the ceiling should be paid special attention. Thus, we offer comprehensive ceiling works with lighting adjustment, fixtures and remarkable gypsum board material, available in various shapes and sizes.

Gypsum false ceiling work

False ceiling with gypsum board is broadly popular in Dubai, because of its cleanliness and charm. The false ceiling work is performed with utmost perfection by our professionals using quality raw materials and modern techniques.

Features of our gypsum ceiling work Quality oriented approach

Gracetech is known as a skilful false ceiling contractor company that lets your creative ideas coming, and delivers results that match your expectations. We value quality over quantity, hence, we focus on one project at a time.

Cost-effective solution

Greentech is known as a skilful false ceiling contractor company that lets your creative ideas coming, and delivers results that match your expectations. We value quality over quantity, hence, we focus on one project at a time.

High-quality material

To maintain our reputation as a reliable service provider in Dubai, we ensure the safety and durability of all our gypsum ceiling work by using the highest quality material and techniques.

Guaranteed Services

Our expert engineers also perform, gypsum decoration, false ceiling repair and more. With this, we guarantee that you are provided with the best service they one could avail now.


  • Gypsum False Ceiling Installations Work
  • Gypsum False Ceiling Repairing Work
  • Modular Gypsum False Ceiling Work
  • Gypsum Partition walls Ceiling Work
  • Gypsum Partition Removal Work
  • Fiber Cement False Ceiling Work
  • Cornices False Ceiling Work
  • False Ceiling Painting & POP Work
  • Plaster & Insulation Work
  • Power Washing
  • Wood Refinishing
  • Industrial Painting
  • Commercial Painting


Gypsum Partition and Installations

  • Office Partitions
  • Home Partitions

Wet Area Drywalls Partition

  • Bathroom Partitions
  • Kitchens Partitions

Performance Drywalls Partition

  • Sound insulation (50db to 70db)
  • Passive fire protection (one to four hours)
  • Strength (Severe duty)

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