Water Networks Don’t Have to be a Trouble Anymore

Increased attention is being placed on the rehabilitation of already-existing sewage pipes as well as the construction of new pipelines, stormwater drains, rainfall storage tanks, open rainwater basins, and water distribution networks .

Maintenance and upgrading of urban water infrastructure may often account for up to 80% of a utility company’s total capital expenditures. Because of this, careful planning and cost-efficient execution are crucial elements for achieving high efficiency.

Technical help in the areas of water and wastewater infrastructure are areas in which Skilya has substantial competence. We deal in the following areas:

  • Sewage networks
  • Tunneling sewers
  • Rainwater basins
  • Drinking water networks
  • Systems for releasing wastewater and marine outfalls
  • Adaptation to the changing climate and management of stormwater
  • Protection against flooding
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS)
  • Provision of services within the water and sewage infrastructure

Skilya has been completing tasks relating to water and wastewater infrastructure for a wide variety of customers. If you need water network services, contact us right now!


In most regions of the globe, antiquated or insufficient sewage systems are a significant source of environmental concern. Skilya has a significant amount of knowledge in the field of leading technical assistance projects linked to the repair and design of water and wastewater infrastructure.

Adaptation to the changing climate and management of stormwater

Rainfalls with an intensity that is not typical are happening in more and more places throughout the globe, and it is expected that this trend will continue in the foreseeable future. The work that is being done to adapt to climate change is being taken more seriously as the impacts of climate change become more obvious.

At Skilya, we assist our clients in quantifying the financial repercussions of climate change and in identifying innovative ways to respond to these repercussions.

For the purpose of providing our clients with an overview of the effects that heavy rainfall will have in the years to come, we simulate ground flooding using specialized computer modeling software.

Systems for releasing wastewater and marine outfalls

There are many sewage systems that have not been updated in a long time and need large investments to bring them up to date and increase their performance. It will be able to get the most out of such an investment if you plan everything out in great detail.

Our company gives our clients an in-depth analysis of their sewage system and assists them in developing long-term rehabilitation strategies that are both economical and efficient.

We are able to ensure that our clients will have access to a high level of professionalism and knowledge because of our many years of experience in the design of pipelines, river, and sea outfalls, basins, canals, drains, pumping stations, and overflows.

When wastewater facilities are operated and maintained according to a predetermined plan, the majority of potential issues may be avoided, giving our clients the peace of mind they need to devote additional resources only when absolutely required.

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