Marine Base Steel

Erection of structural steel and deck for new expansion as per the DRAWINGS andSPECIFICATIONS

a) All structural steel and miscellaneous metals required in reference to the DRAWINGS and SPECIFICATIONS, including, but not limited to :
b) Complete scope of work according to the attached schedule, specifically within the indicated commencement and completion dates.
c) Supply all labour, material & equipment to complete your scope of work
d) Enforce any precautionary measures required to ensure your work is safe and protected.
e) Provide the proper amount of qualified personnel to manage your scope.
f) Include for all scaffolding, motorized lifts & equipment to perform your scope.
g) Provide warranties & installation guarantees upon completion of contract – One year warranty.
h) Provide for all required protections and if applicable covering of any previous work competed by others.
i) Provide all required shop drawings within 2 calendar weeks of contract issuance.
k) daily removal of debris caused by its’ scope of work.
l) all the temporary power, as required, to complete its work (generatorsystem).

b) All steel to receive standard primer .
c) All roof deck to be zinc coated .
d) Supply and installation of steel colums (including HSS), beams, bearing plates, base plates, channels,
angles, HSS spacers, anchor bolts, Wood Brackets, etc.
e) Supply and install all stiffener plates as required .
f) Supply and install of steel deck .
g)Supply and Install all support and structural reinforcement required for RTU’s, exhaust fans, all roof openings and penetrations .
h) Supply and install new Open Web Steel Joists (OWSJ)  .
i) Supply of all misc. metals, including loose lintels and bearing plates .
j) Supply and install roof access ladder .